Firehouse Show

Limited edition digital prints on canvas and paper by

Hazel Jaramillo

Mount Tamalpais at dawn
Sausalito tree
Red couch I
Red couch II
Sausalito houseboat
Ship sails at midnight!

Artist statement

Sleeping Lady I, II and III accentuate color and form of Mount Tamalpais as a personification of Mother Earth. Her form expresses her mood; the color of the sky depicts the passing of day from dawn to dusk.

Canvases Yellow and Olive are simple playful impressions of color, form and space. Red Couch I and II offer a glimpse of a ubiquitous coffeehouse scene. Ship sales at midnight and Sausalito houseboat pay affectionate respect to salty Sausalito.

Some images are digital drawings others layer my photography and digital paintng. Images are printed in Sausalito in limited editions on an Epson printer which archival ink on canvas or Somerset Velvet paper. Each print is numbered and signed. Prints on canvas start at $325.

I hope you enjoy the show. Please post your comments here, or click here to send an email

Johnson & Bridgeway / Sausalito

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