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  1. “In my opinion, the strongest paintings are: Sleeping Lady I, Sleeping Lady II, and Sausalito 2018, and Olive.All of these pictures have a nice creative tension which combine an illustrator’s sensibility with a painter’s touch. “Yellow” was well-executed, but frankly I’ve seen too many similar works. “Angel at Dusk” might have been stronger without the birds.

    However, the most intriguing works in the show are the pair of figurative paintings. I don’t think they’re fully resolved, but I also believe that you’re on to something. I like their quirky sensibility — which co-mingle realism with handsome abstract forms. As much as I enjoy the landscapes, I think this a great direction to go in.”

    Richard Polsky / author of I Bought Andy Warhol

  2. Shiva, thanks. I love yellow. My mom’s favorite color. (Sorry for delay; i apparently don’t have this website thing down yet.) / Hazel

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